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Sihanoukville, South Cambodia


Most of Sihanoukville beaches are dirty and full of garbage

Compare other dirty beaches in Sihanoukville area,
Otres Beach is maintained and ‚clean‘, but you will pay for it.

If you imagine that Cambodia is one of most poor country in SE Asia, all the Sihanoukville area is totally overpriced. US $ money laundry area. It is even more expensive than on clean Thailand islands! Travelers are hostages of bars owned mostly by western people. There is no escape of the system. You can’t get after a few hundreds meters to an „real“ Cambodia… the real Cambodian life was forced to escape by unnatural commercial tourist business. It is very sad.
So, in the end most of these short-therm visitors in this area are enjoying drinking alcohol and drugs on the background of loud and simple music, paying overpriced accommodation and the newer meet the real Cambodia. It seems like one big SCAM.
„Naturally“, everything on the menus of Sihanoukville is listed not in Cambodian currency, but in US dollars, .. and if you follow and pay in US dollars, most of time you get back a thousands of their unvalued local currency.

My recommendation

Please do not support this unnatural scam and go to clean beaches in some more natural countries as India or Thailand. You will save time, energy, lot of SCAMs and a lot of money, plus you will experience the real essence of these countries. Local life and tasty food for local prices if you go further out of beach resorts :-)